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Professional Communications

Whether your communications are structured or unstructured, and whether they appear in HTML, video, or print, Barbara at Proteus Documents can help you communicate information efficiently and effectively.

  • Professional document design communicates and structures information efficiently.
  • Professional writing, which combines a careful process and sharp language skills, ensures effective communication.
  • Professional editing examines the organization, focus, and design of the material—as well as the grammar—and greatly increases the likelihood of a document’s success.

Proteus can help you with all of  your communication projects.

Proteus adapts

Proteus adapts quickly to the communication project:

  • Technical communications require a different set of practices than marketing communications. Proteus knows when and how to use both.
  • Call it jargon or a lexicon, but all communications projects have special linguistic needs. Proteus adapts quickly to the vocabulary of your specialized field.
  • Communications travel faster than the speed of sound. Your communications reach global audiences and require a professional who understands how to prepare text for accurate translation.
  • There are many technical tools and communication tools that we can use to complete a project. Proteus knows how to use a large variety of tools and is always happy to learn new ones.